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Featured Experience

Training and Assessment Services

Aker Solutions, (BSP) Brunei Darussalam

June 2017 – Present

Provision of Training

  • Developed & conducted Gap Analysis Programs to assess knowledge of contractor personnel
  • Disciplines involved included :
    • Lifting & Hoisting (Rigging / Slinging / Banksman)
    • Mechanic
    • Scaffolding
    • E & I
    • Flange Management
    • Pipeline Integrity
    • Welding
    • Painting
    • Pressurized Habitats
  • Developed & implemented supplementary training based on Gap Analysis Findings
  • Monitoring / coaching contractor personnel on site to observe effectiveness of supplementary training
  • Developed & conducted Internal Auditing Training
  • Developed & conducted Presentation Skills Training

Murphy Oil Corporation , Bintulu Sarawak

April 2017 – July 2017

Bespoke Training Course

  • Developed & conducted bespoke training for company Riggers / Slingers / Banksmen working in Sarawak Operations
  • Conducted offshore competence assessments for  company riggers / Slingers / Banksmen working in Sabah Operations

FPSO Ventures Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

November 2017 – December 2017

Provision of Training

  • Conducted OPITO approved Competence Assessor Training for FPSO Personnel

Oman Gas Company Muscat , Oman

January 2017 – October 2017

Provision of Training

  • Conducted OPITO approved Competence Assessor and Internal Verifier Training for company personnel

Total Exploration and Production , Indonesia

November 2015 – August 2017

Competence Assessor and Internal Verifier Training

  • Creation of bespoke course material for Total “Compass” competency programme
  • Assessment and Certification of Delegates

Petrotekno Training Company, Indonesia

January 2015 – March 2017

Provision of Training

  • NEBOSH International General Certificate
  • OPITO Competence Assessor & OPITO Internal Verifier
  • Mechanical courses in Diesel Engine and Shell & Bore Heat Exchangers
  • Instrument courses in Small Bore Tubing
  • Electrical courses in Electric Motors
  • Process courses in Petroleum Gad Compression and Oil & Gas separation

Instructor/ Assessor Supply

  • Provision of BP approved IA/AA course instructor
  • Provision of discipline instructors
  • Provision of Training Co-ordinator
  • Provision of Process Trainer/ Assessors
  • Provision of Consultant Assessor

Competence Assessments

Provision of assessments for Riggers.

Course Authoring and Approvals

Creation of branded course materials in line with City & Guilds standards.

National Petroleum Construction Company, United Arab Emirates

May – October 2015

In-house Training

  • Delivery of a sequence of OPITO approved courses to assist in the training of Competence Assessors and Internal Verifiers with which to obtain and maintain OPITO training provider approval.

Megamas Training Company, Brunei Darussalam

January 2013 – August 2014

Training Provision for BSP and Contractors

  • Delivery of IMS 5/5R
  • Delivery of PTW-1 (Seniors)
  • Delivery of PTW-2 Managing Hazards
  • Delivery of PTW-3 (Supervisors)
  • Delivery of PTW-5 (Refresher)

Asian Supply Base, Malaysia

December 2015

American Petroleum Institute (API) Lifting Authority Training Programme

  • Delivery of a sequence of API-U approved courses to assist in the developing of the competence of Lifting Authorities
  • API-RP-2D Loose Lifting Equipment Inspection
  • API-RP-2D Rigger/ Slinger/ Banksman
  • API Lifting Authority Training
  • API Assessment of Lifting Authority

Brunei Shell Petroleum, Brunei Darussalam

May 2013

OPITO Training

  • Delivery of OPITO Competence Assessor Training for HSE department.

Schlumberger, Malaysia

January 2016

Bespoke Training Course

  • Development and delivery of a bespoke training package for yard based rigging activities
  • Recommendations of alternative handling methods and equipment

Featured Experience

Competence Management Systems

Deleum, Malaysia

November 2014 – May 2015

Competency Management Systems

  • Authoring and implementation of assessment standards
  • Undertaking of assessments in a training and field setting
  • Assistance for OPITO Competence Management System approval
  • Provision of OPITO Competence Assessor and OPITO Internal Verifier training

PT Badak, Indonesia

July 2014 – May 2015

Competency Management System

  • Authoring and implementation of competence assessment standards
  • Undertaking of competence assessments in a training and field setting

Pertamina Talisman Jambi Merang (PTJM), Indonesia

April 2016

Preparation for External OPITO CMS Audit

  • Review of Competence Management System Documentation
  • Delivery of OPITO Internal Verifier Training
  • System Healthcheck

Kolt Oilfield, India

January 2015

Crane Operator Assessments

Provision of API-RP-2D Crane Operator Assessor to undertake simulator assessments for a crane operator competence programme.

Featured Experience

Inspection Compliance and Audit Services

Daewoo International and Baker Hughes, Myanmar

March 2016

Provision of Lifting Focal Point and Rigging Team

  • Lift plans and rigging team for Shut Down of Heat Exchangers Trains 1 and 2
  • Rigging supervision of Vietnamese workforce on day and night still

Total Exploration and Production, Malaysia

March 2016

Provision of Lifting Inspector/ Competent Person

  • Checking compliance with SOPs and Global Control Framework. Audit report and recommendations
  • Equipment inspection and personnel assessment