Assessment Services

Matching individual competencies with job competency models puts individuals in positions where they can contribute most to the future success of an organisation. Competency assessments will allow for the examination of an organisations current workforce in comparison to the desired workforce.

We can assist organisation to either enhance their present Competence Assurance Programme (CAP), or by working alongside an organisations technical authorities to develop a CAP which will be based on the organisations own processes and equipment.

Both options will be quality assured by having Internal Verifiers in place. We can provide both OPITO-approved Competence Assessors and Internal Verifiers.

We aim to deliver services to improve standards in their respective sectors.

CAP Performance Check

Find our your company’s Competence Assurance Program (CAP) Performance.

Circle each column from A to I to determine your organisations present performance for each topic, then analyse your findings to determine if you require JTN’s assistance.

Assessment Services

Standards Development

Competence Assessment of Personnel

Internal Verification of QMS

Mentoring of QMS Personnel

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