Purpose of a CMS


The introduction of a Competence Management System (CMS) is based upon the requirements of the organisation whereby:

All employees must have the appropriate knowledge, skills, capability and competence to carry out their tasks in a safe manner. It is particularly important that employees are well informed of the hazards, risks and control measures involved, and are adequately trained to effectively perform their tasks with appropriate supervision. Individual Competence should be formally determined, assessed and recorded.

The development of an organisations personnel is key in providing a world class work force that operates to the highest standards in a safe working environment causing zero harm to personnel, equipment of the environment. Provision of training is one of major steps in achieving this world class work force and assessment of competence to industry standards ensures that the training needs are identified to achieve world class leadership.

The CMS also complies with HSE policies and regulations and ensures that personnel employed on the organisations assets have the correct competencies, based upon skills, knowledge and understanding to carry out their tasks in a safe and efficient manner. For those employees deemed not yet competent to the highest grade, the CMS provides a gap analysis and identified the areas in which the employee will require supplementary training.

JTN Technical Services can assist an organisation to develop their own CMS or amend their existing CMS to ensure compliance with global best practices.


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