Training and Assessment Services

Training Services

Materials Handling

Operation Courses

API Offshore Pedestal Crane Operator MHO-001API
Offshore Pedestal Crane Operator Stage 2 Training MHO-002JTN
Offshore Pedestal Crane Operator Stage 2 Workplace ExperienceMHO-003JTN
Offshore Pedestal Crane Operator Stage 2 Assessment MHO-004JTN
Offshore Pedestal Crane Operator Stage 3 Workplace ExperienceMHO-006JTN
Offshore Pedestal Crane Operator Stage 3 Assessment MHO-007JTN
API Offshore Pedestal Crane Operator Stage 3 RevalidationMHO-008API
Mobile Crane OperatorMHO-009JTN
Overhead Gantry Crane Operator MHO-010JTN
Forklift Truck OperatorMHO-011JTN

Inspection Courses

CCU Transit InspectionMHI-001
Loose Lifting Equipment InspectionMHI-002
Offshore Pedestal Crane InspectionMHI-003
Crane Wire Rope Inspection MHI-004

Supplementary Courses

API Rigger / Slinger / Banksman MHS-001API-U
JTN Rigger / Slinger / Banksman MHS-002JTN
Rigging Supervisor MHS-003API-U
Introduction to Rigging MHS-004JTN
Rigger Stage 1 Training MHS-005JTN
Rigger Stage 2 Workplace Experience MHS-006JTN
API-U Approved Qualified Rigger MHS-007API
Rigger / Slinger Stage 1 Training MHS-008JTN
Rigger / Slinger Stage 2 Workplace ExperienceMHS-009JTN
Rigger / Slinger Stage 3 Assessment MHS-010JTN
Banksman Stage 1 Training MHS-011JTN
Banksman Stage 2 Workplace ExperienceMHS-012JTN
Banksman Stage 3 Assessment MHS-013JTN
Banksman / Slinger Stage 1 Training MHS-014JTN
Banksman / Slinger Stage 2 Workplace ExperienceMHS-015JTN
Banksman / Slinger Stage 3 Assessment MHS-016API
Transfer of Personnel by CraneMHS-017JTN
Lifting Authority (CP) Training MHS-018JTN
Lifting Authority (CP) AssessmentMHS-019JTN
Lift Planner Stage 1 Training MHS-020API-U
Lift Planner Stage 2 Workplace ExperienceMHS-021JTN
Lift Planner Stage 3 Assessment MHS-022API-U
Rigging Loft Management MHS-023JTN
Wire Rope Socketing MHS-024JTN

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