Training and Assessment Services

Training Services

Production Vocational Training

Injection Water TreatmentPVT007JTN5 daysOn-demand
Natural Gas LiquidsPVT008JTN4 daysOn-demand
Process Flow and P-IDsPVT009JTN3 daysOn-demand
Oil and Gas SeparationPVT001JTN4 daysOn-demand
Gas DehydrationPVT002JTN5 daysOn-demand
Petroleum Gas CompressionPVT003JTN5 daysOn-demand
Gas Flow MeasurementsPVT004JTN4 daysOn-demand
Oil Pumping and MeteringPVT005JTN3 daysOn-demand
Produced Water TreatmentPVT006JTN3 daysOn-demand
Production Operating PrinciplesPVT010JTN10 daysOn-demand
Oil TreatmentPVT011JTN3 daysOn-demand
Gas CompressionPVT012JTN5 daysOn-demand
PiggingPVT013JTN4 daysOn-demand
Oilfield MeteringPVT014JTN3 daysOn-demand
Storage TanksPVT015JTN2 daysOn-demand
Introduction to Oil and GasPVT016JTN4 daysOn-demand
Basic Theory of PetroleumPVT017JTN4 daysOn-demand
Operations SafetyPVT018JTN5 daysOn-demand
Process Technician Basic KnowledgePVT019JTN5 daysOn-demand
Process DrawingsPVT020JTN4 daysOn-demand
Wells and ManifoldsPVT021JTN4 daysOn-demand
SeparationPVT022JTN4 daysOn-demand
DistillationPVT023JTN4 daysOn-demand
RefrigerationPVT024JTN4 daysOn-demand
Health and Safety in Oil and Gas Processing OperationsPVT025JTN5 daysOn-demand

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